Abbrasive Aerator Slurry Submersible Pump “SASEW” Series

The “HET” introduces its exclusive Single Stage Submersible Slurry Application Pump, the “SASEW” Series. With an agitator and aerator system installed, this amazing pump becomes a non-clog slurry pump that can handle heavy slurry up to 2.0 kg/m3 and solid slurry particles up to 40 mm in size.

Because of its adaptability, it is perfect for heavy sludge and slurry applications that are extremely corrosive and abrasive in a variety of industries, including the removal of industrial waste. The non-pressurized mechanical seal assembly is a crucial component that keeps the rotating parts safe from abrasive slurry abrasion and effectively blocks hydraulic pressure from impacting them. The typical single-volute design of the pump casing is impressive. Furthermore improving its performance and versatility are temperature sensors, a cooling jacket, and an inducer. For dependable performance, creative design, and robustness in demanding industrial situations, go with the “HET” “SASEW” Series—perfect for catalog inclusion.

Performance Technical Data :

Head Up  to 65 mtr.
Discharge Up to 1000 m3/hr. 
Soild Size max. Up to 40 mm
Speed1450 / 960 / 750 rpm
Delivery Size 100 MM / 150 MM / 200 MM / 250 MM / 300 MM / 350 MM
Delivery TypeFlange type 
Motor Rating10 to 200 hp
Supply 3Ø, 50Hz/60hz, A.C. 

Special feature /Advantage :

  • “HET” Pump equipped with non-pressurise mechanical seal due to that no effected pump media pressure .
  • “HET” Pump equipped with agitator / Inducer to break-down and re-suspend settle solids at suction area.
  • “HET” Pump Equipped With aerator for In built provision for waterjet arrangement for desettling of slurries.
  • “HET” Pump equipped with motor cooling jacket & “F” & “H” Class winding due to that more efficient and perform bEtter in heavy slurry application.
  • “HET” Pump provided additional feature on request like Thermistor Sensor for against heat protection of motor in dry run condition ,Moisture Protection for water ingress in motor .
  • “HET” Pump wetted part are offer with Ni-Hard material of casing or Tungsten /Ceramic coating ( as per application) with Semi open Impeller material with Ni-hard or Hi-Chrome for better performance and better Pump life in Slurry application.

Material Specifications :

Motor PartCast Iron / SG Iron
ImpellerStainless Steel / Ni-Hard
Agitator / InducerStainless Steel
Casing Cast Iron 
cooling jacketStainless Steel
Mech. Seal Non Pressurize Tc /Tc 
Rubber PartNitrile Rubber / Viton
FastnerStainless Steel
CablePVC Double sheathed with 10 mtr. Length
Motor WindingF/H Class Copper Wound

NOTE: ** Additionally, these pumps are available in whatever material the customer requests for construction, such as S.S. 304, S.S. 316, NI HARD, HI CHROME, or any other material. We can also provide any individual part with a special construction material based on the application.**

Application Area :

  • Industrial Waste Slurry
  • River Bed Slurry
  • Sea Water Slurry
  • Slit Removal
  • Sludge Removal
  • Ash Handling
  • Blast furnance Slurry waste
  • Coal handling
  • Contaminated effluents
  • Slurry & Sludge Pits
  • Iron ore Slurry
  • Oil Slurry
  • Salting Plant
  • Industrial & Municipal slurry waste

Industries :

  • Sugar & Stone Industries
  • Steel Plant / Power Plant / Refineries
  • Granite / Marble / Stone Industries
  • Textiles / Chemical / Various Industries / Jetty Site
  • Bentonite / Limestone Slurry handling
  • Water Treatment Plants /CEPT / ETP / STP
  • food / ETP Sludge