1. Direct - Online Control Panel

Direct – Online Starters are the simplest form of motor starter for starting induction motor and these starters basically consist of MCB / Circuit Breaker, Contactor and an overload relay for protection, electromagnetic contactor which can be opened by the thermal overload relay under fault conditions. Typically, the contactor will be controlled by separate start and stop buttons, and an auxiliary contact on the contactor is used, across the start button, as a hold in contact. i.e. the contactor is electrically latched / closed while the motor is operating.


    • Most Economical and Cheapest Starter
    • Simple to establish, operate and maintain
    • Simple Control Circuitry
    • Easy to understand and trouble‐shoot.
    • It provides 100% torque at the time of starting.
    • Only one set of cable is required from starter to motor.
    • Manual / Auto Operation
    • IEC Standard

2. Star Delta Control Panel

Start-Delta starters are the most common starters used widely to start AC motors. In these starters the starting current is controlled by applying reduced voltage, which is achieved by connecting motor winding in “Star” mode. Theoretically the current is reduced by a factor of 1 / 3 times and once the motor attains it’s normal running stage, full voltage is applied to the motor by changing the connection to “Delta” mode and remains in the same stage till the motor is stopped.


  • Over Voltage
  • Under Voltage
  • Overload
  • Short Circuit
  • No Load
  • Dry running
  • Phase Failure
  • Phase reversal (Optional)
  • PT sensor (Optional)
  • Level sensors
  • local / remote operation & customized features against requirement


  • The operation of the star-delta method is simple and rugged
  • It is relatively cheap compared to other reduced voltage methods.
  • Good Torque/Current Performance.
  • It draws 2 times starting current of the full load ampere of the motor connected
  • Manual / Auto Operation
  • IEC Standard


Contactor | Pump Protective Relay (PPR) | CT Coil | Timer | On/Off Switch | MCB / Load Breaking Switch | Ammeter | Voltmeter | Run-Hour meter (Optional) | Selector Switch | Indicator Lamps | Powder Coated 5 MS Box with Lock & Key

Technical Specifications:

Version Three Phase, 50/60 Hz, A.C.
Degree of Protection IP 52 / IP 55 & 65 (Optional)
Nominal Voltage 380V – 415V
Panel Box MS Powder Coated / S.S (Optional)

3. Digital Control Panel



Digital Volt & Ammeter
Electronic Overload Relay
Electronic Dry run Prevention
High / Low Voltage Protection
User Friendly LED Indications
Auto stop timer
Pump failure data log
Float switch provision to control water level (Optional)