flange end non clog submersible dewatering pump aldew series

The “ALDEW” Series has two types of winding designs: a dry copper wound “F/H class motor” and a PVC copper wound oil filled and oil cooled motor. The pumps use a flange ended type connection. Bottom Suction and Dual Mechanical Seal are Available for Both Options. Semi-open/close impeller and top discharge submersible flange-ended type delivery Designed for mining applications, it can handle muddy water, sludge, and chemical process water.

This series provides customization options for the building materials. based on the particular requirements of the application

Submersible Dewatering Pump

Performance Technical Data :

Head up to 200 Mtr.
Discharge up to 1500 m3/hr
Soild Size max. up to 40 mm
Speed2900 / 1440 rpm
Delivery Size up to 200 mm
Delivery TypeFlange Type
Motor Rating5.0 to 150.0 hp
Supply 1Ø/3Ø, 50Hz/60hz, A.C. 

Special feature /Advantage :

  • Flange ended Pipe Connection
  • TOP – Thermal overload Sensor Provided on request
  • Portable installation & Easy Installation in Small Sump Size
  • High Head Appliaction

Material Specifications :

Motor Body Cast Iron / M.S / Stainless Steel 
Other PartCast Iron 
ImpellerCast Iron / Stainless Steel
Outer Jacket / bodyCast Iron / M.S / Stainless Steel 
Cable Double sheathed with 5 mtr. Length
Mech. Seal Sic / Sic  & Sic/Sic
HardwareStainless Steel
Rubber PartNitrile Rubber 

NOTE: **Also, these pumps can be ordered in any quantity the customer requests, using construction materials like as S.S. 304, S.S. 316, NI HARD, HI CHROME, or any other material. We can also provide any special construction materials needed for a particular part based on the application.**

Application Area :

  • Draining Accumulated Storm Water during Monsoon
  • Emptying Tunnels and Pits for Construction Site & Cleaning
  • Removing Surplus Water From Sumps
  • * Drain & Strom Water In Coal Mines / Stone Mining
  • Sugar Plant & Paper Plant Process waters
  • Dewatering in ponds and rivers

Industries :

  • Construction / process Water
  • Mines/Ponds/River Sites/ Sea Water
  • Steel Plant / Power Plant
  • Trench / Septic Tank Cleaning / Cooling Purpose
  • Water Supply / Filteration / Fire Fighting Etc
  • Basement / rain water / Tunnel Dewatering
  • Domestic Waste Water / Water Recirculation